The ark that held our scroll in Kolin, Czechoslovakia.  Built in the late 1600's with funds donated by the Oppenheimer family.
The ark that held our scroll in Kolin, Czechoslovakia. The ark was built in the late 1600’s with funds donated by Samuel Oppenheimer.

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Podcast Summary:

Ramat Shalom Synagogue’s “Holocaust Torah” was rescued by Westminster Synagogue in 5724, 50 year ago. When it was rescued along with 1,563 other Czech scrolls, it was given a number – the number 32. This Yom Kippur (5774), Rabbi Andrew Jacobs spoke about the Torah’s journey from Kolin, Czechoslovakia to Plantation Florida – a 300 plus year journey. The journey is filled with ups and downs, incredible heroes and an amazing chance at a second life at Ramat Shalom. Rabbi Jacobs explains how the number 32 corresponds to the Hebrew word “lev” or heart. He teaches how Scroll #32 is the heart of Ramat Shalom. He challenges his community to honor this precious scroll by giving her the community she so deserves – a community that loves her, embraces her and learns from her. Cantor Debbie Hafetz and her husband, Harold Price, composed a song in honor of Scroll #32 which is based upon the poetry of a Camill Hoffman, who was born in Kolin and was murdered in Auschwitz. The song will be posted soon.

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