Wrestling with Freedom

This sermon (CLICK HERE FOR PODCAST)  delivered by Rabbi Andrew Jacobs, focuses upon the Supreme Court’s 2011 ruling protecting the freedom of speech of Westboro Baptist Church.  The Rabbi openly struggles with his support of American freedoms and his belief in the Jewish teaching that hateful speech can destroy the world.  He asks his congregation how we can teach our children that bullying is wrong, when the Supreme Court empowered people to “bully”?  Is protesting bullying?  Where is the line between what freedom of speech and harassment?  The sermon doesn’t resolve the issue at hand, but it gets people talking.

Mommy, what is the Holocaust

Podcast of a class (CLICK HERE FOR PODCAST)  taught by Rabbi Andrew Jacobs that focused upon teaching parents and grandparents how to talk to their children and teens about the Holocaust.  Please refer to the following sites for wonderful information referenced during the class: