Do It Yourself Summer Series


Summer Series

This week, I am proud to share with you one of the lessons from Chai Tech™ , the online B’nai Mitzvah Preparation Program that I have built with the help of FYIOnline, a leader on online learning technology.

The lesson that I am sharing with will you teaches everything we need to know about one of our most basic prayer – the Motzi – the blessing over the challah/bread. And it includes a “Do It Yourself” Challah recipe! Please let me know if you make your own Challah this summer!!

To watch the video, please visit and click on the “Demo Lesson” icon.

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Chai Tech™ consists of 36 lessons that focus on the major prayers that make up a Bar/Bat Mitzvah service and introduce students to the basic skills needed to understand and chant Torah and Haftarah. Chai Tech™ will be introduced into our 5th-7th grade Torah School program this fall.

If you have any questions about thr Motzi or Chai Tech™ , please let me know!!!

Do It Yourself Summer Series: Tzitzit

diy2 2014 SUMMER SERIES 

Over the summer months, I will be posting a series of “Do It Yourself” Jewish videos and lessons. This week, the Torah teaches us to wear tzitzit – the knotted fringes on the tallit (prayer shawl). Below, you will find a short video from Jewish educator and artist, Nancy Katz, which shows you how tzitzit are made. You will also find a piece by the late Rabbi Louis Jacobs (no relation!) explaining the symbolism of the tzitzit and why they contain so many twisted and knotted strings. Enjoy and Shabbat Shalom!



Why Jewish Life Should Not End After The Bar/Bat Mitzvah



I am such a lucky rabbi! Many of our bar/bat mitzvah students continue to “hang out” with me long after their bar/bat mitzvah is over. Every year, we highlight our graduating high school students by asking them to speak at a Friday night service. Below, you will find links to the speeches given by three of our high school graduates, Jessica Koppel, Rebekah Schachner and Lindsey Sigal. Please, take the time to listen to their words – share them with your children and, please, encourage your post b’nai mitzvah kids to continue spending time with us! Jewish life goes on after the bar/bat mitzvah!