I know how busy everyone is.  So many of you tell me that you try to make it to services on Friday night – but at the end of a long week, you are just exhausted.  Others are trying to juggle family Shabbat dinners and busy schedules.  I completely understand!  This is why I am committed to making so much of what we do here at Ramat Shalom as accessible as possible.  As many of you know, our services our streamed, live online at livestream.com/ramatshalom.  Many of my sermons and articles are posted on my blog – rabbiandrewjacobs.org.  I encourage you to share your comments and join the discussion on the blog.  And, most recently, at the urging of many of you, I have ventured into the world of podcasting.  Today, I share with you a podcast of last week’s Shabbat discussion on the story of Noah which can be found on my podcast site: http://www.buzzsprout.com/7399/64184-imperfection-can-be-beautiful.   The podcasts are also available on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/podcasts-rabbi-andrew-jacobs/id560921029.  

Cantor Natalie also has her music online – visit her site at natalieyoungmusic.com.

Of course we love to see you face to face and nothing can replace the power of coming together as a community.  But, in this day and age, when technology provides us with new ways to connect, I feel it is so important for us to evolve with the times.  So, if you can’t join us in person this week, click on the podcast.  Learn a little and connect “virtually” with your spiritual home.


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