Becca, Rabbi Andrew, Becca’s fiancé, Jake, and his nephew

Neo-Nazis have declared tomorrow “National Day of Hate” and are encouraging antisemites to harass the Jewish community and vandalize our property. The best response to this obscenity: join me welcoming one of the newest Jews who chose to be part of us! Becca, at your conversion yesterday, I asked you: Being Jewish is incredible. However, being Jewish comes with a target on your back. Are you willing to accept all that is incredible about being part of the Jewish people and, at the same, the target on the back? Without hesitation, you said YES. Becca, we welcome you with open arms. You make us stronger. You make us prouder. Nothing can stop us. 

Another way to respond to the hate directed at the Jewish community? Celebrate Purim, the holiday that commemorates our ancestors’ victory over Haman, who was determined to annihilate us. Just as we were victorious over Haman, we will be victorious over the modern Hamans that, sadly, continue to appear. 

There are a few ways you can celebrate Purim with us:

  • Next Friday night, at 6:30, join us for our Adult Purim Celebration
  • Sunday, March 5, from 9:30am-1:00pm, bring the family and have fun at our Purim Carnival
  • Tuesday, March 7, at 12:00pm, join the Rabbi’s Study Group for an in-depth discussion of the Megillah (Book of Esther)

Remember, we are a strong community. You are not alone. We all have each other. Together, we will continue to rise above the hate and thrive as an incredible people.

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