This is not “River Dave’s” home
David Lidstone, more commonly known as “River Dave,” says he can’t go back to being a hermit. He had lived off the grid for almost 30 years in a simple cabin in New Hampshire until he was arrested last month for building a home on property that was not his. After his court hearing on August 4, in which he agreed to leave his home, a fire destroyed it.
Reflecting upon his ordeal and the many people who have offered to help him rebuild his life, “River Dave” said:
Maybe the things I’ve been trying to avoid are the things that I really need in life. I grew up never being hugged or kissed, or any close contact…I had somebody ask me once, about my wife (from whom he is now estranged) ‘Did you really love her?’ And the question kind of shocked me for a second…I’ve never loved anybody in my life. And I shocked myself because I hadn’t realized that. And that’s why I was a hermit. Now I can see love being expressed that I never had before.
“River Dave” will build a new life for himself. He is allowing himself to grow and change.
This week, the Jewish month of Elul began. Elul is the last month of the Jewish year, a time we are to reflect on our lives and think about ways we too can grow and change in the new year that begins on Rosh HaShanah (Rosh HaShanah means beginning of the year). One way or another, I believe all of us can learn from the words of “River Dave.” Take the time to see the love out there that is directed at you that, for some reason, you might have missed. Appreciate it and pass it on. This is one way that you can make the upcoming new year brighter for yourself and others.

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