As the polls have now closed, the votes are being counted and the voices of the people are being heard, please God, help us to lie down in peace. With victory and concession speeches being made and the implications of this election becoming clearer, may our nation’s cities, towns, homes, businesses, campuses and places of worship be filled with reflection and peace. Tomorrow, when the sun rises across our nation may we rise up to meet the new day, relieved that the campaigning is done while remaining committed to the issues that influenced our vote. No matter who the winner is, we need to feel your presence, God, as we forge new bonds within our communities, bonds that will benefit this nation we all share. Spread over us the shelter of Your peace. Enfold us in Your wings God. Defend us against those who want to undermine our democracy, suppress the truth and seek to turn us against each other. Keep us safe from violence and hatred, lies and dangerous rhetoric. Give us the strength to overcome the negative feelings we hold in our heart for those who do not share our political views but with whom we have shared so much life, laughter and love. Guide us as we heal from this election. Watch over the United States of America and her people, God, guarding our going forth as we pursue liberty and justice for all. God bless America.

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