Rabbi Andrew Jacobs
(adapted from Avinu Shebashamyim by Rabbi Fred Guttman)

Avinu Shebashamyim, God of the heavens, the world that You have created is filled with awesome wonders.
Often, we take these wonders for granted.
May we learn to cherish all of Your gifts.
At times, we do appreciate the beauty of these wonders but overlook their power.
Not right now.
God, we’re afraid of the storm that is approaching our shores.
We know that we can’t control nature.
We also know that You, God, don’t use nature to warn or punish us.
Some are asking You to turn the storm in another direction.
We believe, however, that this is beyond even Your control.
We do ask that You help us find the inner strength needed as we seek shelter from the storm.
With this strength, we’ll prepare our homes and businesses to face the wind, rain and waves.
Some of us will have to evacuate.
You can help us find the fortitude needed to leave what needs to be left behind as we find safer places.
We know that You have imbued us with the courage and perseverance needed to ride out this storm.
We ask for your guidance as we tap into these divine gifts now.
Baruch ata Adonai, Elohanu Melech Haolam she kocho u-gevurato maleh olam.
Blessed are You, God, whose awesome power and might fill the world.
Chizkoo v’imtzo al tiroo…Elohecha Hu haholeich imach.  (Deut. 31:6)
Help us be strong, courageous and have no fear knowing that you, God, are with us.

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