I had hoped this week’s message could simply be a reminder to local South Florida friends join us at Ramat Shalom this Wednesday evening, March 20th, at 6:30, as we gather for our Purim Celebration, which will include the reading of the Megillah (Book of Esther) and the Rabbi and Cantor’s Game of Games (modeled after Ellen Degeneres’ Game of Games). Unfortunately, the terrorist attack in New Zealand, the missiles landing in Tel Aviv yesterday and so many other headlines, make it hard to just invite you to a fun evening at Ramat Shalom.

Purim is a fun, silly, joyful holiday. But, at the heart of the Purim story is good defeating evil – Esther and Mordechai stopping Haman. While our Purim heroes do just this, Jewish history and today’s headlines remind us that Haman is still out there and we are still obligated to do our part to stop him. Purim reminds us of this obligation.

So, because of today’s headlines, I urge you to come and hear the Purim story read in our sanctuary Wednesday evening at 6:30pm. I encourage you to come for the fun of Rabbi and Cantor’s Game of Games, because we can’t let evil consume us. And, I hope your attendance will inspire you to become modern day Purim heroes, doing more than shaking groggers (the noise makers we use during the Megillah reading) to drown out evil, but doing what you can to stop it at its source.

May it be a peaceful Shabbat and I do hope to see you on Wednesday evening at 6:30pm.

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