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As you might have heard yesterday, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, will be charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust. While this is extremely disturbing, it highlights a very important reality: the Jewish State is exactly that, a “state” – a nation, run by political leaders under one governmental system. People often think of Israel as the Holy Land – a utopia of sorts. The headlines coming out of Israel this week remind us that, while the Jewish State is indeed a holy place, she’s also a “regular” country that struggles with things that most “regular” countries struggle with.

Despite this, as hard as it is to learn about the charges Netanyahu is facing, it remains, for so many of us, a miracle that a Jewish nation exists. And we must not forget that this Jewish nation has a system in place to deal with this crisis. As we know from our own experiences as Americans, it is not uncommon for nations and their political leaders to face tremendous challenges, challenges that require a government to make certain that law and order are upheld. Israel is a strong democratic nation that is run according to strict rules and regulations. She has a strong judiciary. Justice, an integral part of Judaism, is an integral part of Israeli society. Judicial proceedings will take place to address the charges brought against the Prime Minister, and the Israeli people will be paying close attention.

I encourage you too to pay close attention. Check out the Israeli press as this situation develops. This is important and will affect how the world views Israel.

Here are several online Israeli news sources in English. Please, visit them regularly. Read what they are saying:

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