In my latest YouTube video (see below), I use an ancient Jewish teaching to remind us that we need to embrace both the broken and whole parts of ourselves.

This lesson also inspired by poem, Broken and Whole.

Broken and Whole

Each of us is broken
At some point, our lives have shattered.
While we have picked up the pieces
And put things back together,
The scars remain, a constant reminder of what fell apart.

Each of us is also whole.
At some point, we have experienced true and utter joy.
While we wrestle with life’s challenges that attempt to bring us down,
The joy remains, a constant reminder of what came together.

Broken and whole.
Shattered and complete.
Despair and joy.
The two extremes of life.

Without the broken, we can’t appreciate the whole.
Without the whole, we have no desire to fix the broken.
The broken and the whole, both part of us.
Both holy.
In order to embrace our own holiness – we must embrace them both.

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