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I’m a heartbroken Zionist.

I support the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem – the capital of the Jewish State. I support Israel’s right to defend herself. I’m horrified by the violence, the hate and the loss of Palestinian lives on the Gaza border.  I’m disappointed, yet not at all surprised, by the inaccurate and misleading reports surrounding the recent chaos in and around Israel, including the failure to detail the complexities associated with the March of Return movement that started before the US Embassy move  – particularly how Hamas and Iran have hijacked this movement and turned it into a successful terrorist campaign. I’m also disappointed, yet not surprised, by the inaccurate and misleading reports surrounding Nakba Day – 15 May. At the same time, while I understand why the US and Israel chose to open the US Embassy on 14 May (the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel was signed on 14 May 1948) and I fear that violence would’ve been part of this move no matter when it occurred, I question the timing. I’m devastated that Israelis and Palestinians who truly seek peace have to live through this chaos.

I’m sad that Israel is once again being demonized by those who don’t understand the big picture. I’m frustrated that Israel finds herself in this position yet again. I’m disappointed at the infighting I hear is happening within the Jewish community over these and other related issues. I wanted to celebrate the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. But, instead, I’m heartbroken by the unending cycle of violence, the dangerously irresponsible reporting of the events on the ground and the inability to see a glimmer of hope – of peace.

Yes, the US Embassy is now in Jerusalem. Yes, Israel defended her borders. But, Hamas won this round. The death of 50 of their members in the clashes earlier this week and the dishonest reporting about these clashes have certified that Hamas has won. And, in the wake of this win, too many have lost. And this is why I’m a heartbroken Zionist.

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