Interior of Magen David Synagogue – Kolkata, India (Indrajit Das)

Passover is coming to a close.

In Israel and in the Reconstructionist and Reform Jewish worlds, Passover ends tonight. In the Conservative and Orthodox worlds outside of Israel, an extra day is observed and Passover comes to an end tomorrow night. What about in Kolkata, an Indian city that used to have a large, vibrant Jewish community? The community is quite small these days, but my friend Milena Chilla-Markhoff feels very much at home in this community. I sent Milena, who splits her time between Kolkata and Berlin, Germany, a message asking her when the Kolkata community will begin eating bread once again.

It was an honor to learn that some of my seder lessons were incorporated into the Kolkata seder by Milena. Thanks to Sandip Roy for his podcast which allows us to listen to and learn about this seder. You can do so here. Maybe one year some of us can welcome Passover in Kolkata!

Wherever you celebrated the holiday, I hope it was meaningful. Enjoy your pizza, cake and any other bread product you have been craving! When I hear from Milena regarding when her community ends Passover, I will let you know.

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