My friends at Clal have put together this little gift – a timely insert for your Passover Seder (click here to receive your own copy!).

As you join with family and friends at the Seder table, please consider asking each other:

Can you imagine needing each other—even when they are really the other—and knowing this “need” is the beginning of being truly free?

Take the time to appreciate that by:

Welcoming the 4 Children, or anybody for that matter, as they are, not as we wish them to be, strengthens us as individuals, as a people, and as a nation. 

Because welcoming the 4 Children moves us from bemoaning polarization to doing something about it.

Engage in the four activities shared in Clal’s insert:

  • Invite those at your table to name someone wise, and to explain why they made that choice. 
  • Ask people to consider something positive we can learn from those we label as wicked, or at least from ideas we deem hostile to our own. 
  • Consider where you wish you could simplify things, and how appreciating complexity sometimes over-complicates things. 
  • What topic do you really wish people would stop talking about, and why? What might be the benefits, and the costs, of such silence?

Most importantly, enjoy your time together. Celebrate the holiday. Embrace freedom.

My family joins me in wishing all of you a very meaningful, spiritually uplifting and joyful Passover.

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