Open to all – individuals and families – seeking to live a radically kind life this year
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October: Spread Goodness

Every Wednesday this month, focus on the good stuff. Share goodness with others. No complaining.

November: Offer Thanks

Genuinely say “thank you” to at least one person every day this month.

December: Share

Bring a small gift this month to at least one neighbor, co-worker, cashier, etc. you don’t know that well.

January: Welcome

Invite someone you don’t know that well to dinner this month.

February: Compliment

Every Wednesday this month, compliment at least one person.

 March: Give Up

Twice this month, let someone else have that parking spot, your place in line or your seat.

April: Surprise

This month, at least once, pay for the coffee/tea/snack of the person behind you at the drive-thru or standing next to you at the counter.

May: Help

Offer to help a friend this month and be prepared to do it!

June: Create Your Own Kindness

This month, come up with your own Radical Kindness Challenge and share it with us in our Facebook Group.


  1. lori halpern Reply

    I am definitely taking this challenge and I am taking it to my work place as well!!!

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