The whole world is a very narrow bridge;

The essential thing is to have no fear at all

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov


This morning, they woke up to find before them a very narrow bridge.

How overwhelming, the fear, the realization that in order to get where they needed to go, they had to cross that bridge.

They could turn back, but that’s not where they wanted to be.

They looked below the bridge, at the rocky cliffs, rushing water and the emptiness.

Not an option.

They could sit down and stop. Stay where they were. Wait until a better bridge is built.

But if they looked closely, they could see all that they wanted on the other side of the very narrow bridge and they knew they had to cross.

And so they called their friends, their sisters and their brothers and they locked arms. And slowly, oh so  slowly, they crossed that very narrow bridge. A determined, human chain.

They made it to the other side.

They overcame their fear.

And they discovered hope.

And so will we.

Rabbi Andrew Jacobs – November 9, 2016


  1. carol Katler Reply

    Thank you. I needed that and I think we all needed that. Really… Thank you!!!

  2. Debbie Biggs jones Reply

    Its rare that I feel the need to comment,and it’s also rare that I feel such pain in my heart and chest… None of Trump policies will affect me personally at the moment…but the slew of friends, family and others this will affect, will be devastating to them!!! And because of my love for humanity and justice,my heart is broken.. I fell asleep crying and woke up to hear his voice and I hagan to cry again… how could good prevail??? The religious right will take over our Supreme Court, a racist,bigoted disgraceful uncharitable person has taken over my country!!! I take every racist remark he makes as a shot to my religion, my people are never far behind when it comes to being blamed for problems in this world !!!Maybe I’m overly sensitive because a cross was burned in my yard, I guess I drew attention by riding the Beth Moshe bus to Hebrew school.. maybe because I was called a Heb and was asked why I didn’t have a number on my arm if I was Jewish by a Publix Supermarket manager?? There are so many reasons in my life, so I am very sensitive When I hear any comment that reminds me of the antisemitic remarks I grew up hearing!!! I wish I could see the good or positive in this , but I am not Anne Frank, I don’t believe people are inherently good, I feel very alone and that my small circle is now only a dot!!! It will be a long time till I can forgive the people I know who supported him.. I’m just crazy like that!!!!

  3. Arline Ostolaza Reply


  4. Elise Boston Reply

    I found this quite helpful and shared with both co-workers and friends trying to shake off the numbness . Thank you.

    Elise Boston

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