I am happy to share with you my latest article published on The Wisdom Daily this week:


As a child, I admit it, I had an imaginary friend – a bright yellow duck named Peep. Because of this, I was really touched to read about The Imaginary Friend Collection, a recent exhibit at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood, featuring eclectic sculptures that capture the imaginary friends of five very real children. Animators and model-makers, relying upon the detailed descriptions of these five kids, used their talents to bring the children’s imaginary friends to life. In addition to creating a truly magical exhibit that included a pink, three-eyed girl, a bespectacled fox with the tail of a lizard and my favorite, Nessi, an eight-foot-tall dinosaur, The Imaginary Friend Collection gave five lucky children the opportunity to meet very real versions of their imaginary friends.

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