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I am excited to introduce you to a new, online magazine that I have created as part of ISH, our new spiritual venture designed to engage the unaffiliated. The magazine, The ISH Weekly, is a collection of articles and videos pertaining to spirituality that I curate and share each week. Each edition of The ISH Weekly highlights trending spiritual topics and issues. While the magazine is published and promoted weekly on ISH’s Twitter account, you can access it HERE any time and become a subscriber.
In The ISH Weekly, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about spiritual events that are capturing people’s attention. Inspirational videos and stories that have been shared online are often featured. I make certain to include articles that explore ways in which spirituality intersects with science and technology. And a special Health & Wellness section captures some of the most important ways that spirituality can improve your life.

While The ISH Weekly will often contain material pertaining to Judaism, I make it a point not to limit the weekly collection to Jewish articles and videos. Various different faith traditions are represented, as are spiritual practices that many would not associate with a specific religion. There is a section of The ISH Weekly that includes articles pertaining to specific religious communities, but the spirituality that The ISH Weekly is committed to sharing transcends religion.

I do hope that you will take the time to check out The ISH Weekly. Let me know what you think and, if you find an article that you think might be an interesting addition to the weekly collection, please share it with me!

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