“I love that this (Israeli) exit shares the name with an Ashkenazi egg noodle dish” writes Israeli comedian Benji Lovitt in his list of things he loves about Israel, published in the Times of Israel this week.

On Thursday, Israel celebrated her 67th birthday! Too often, when we hear or read about the Jewish State, the information we receive is political, divisive and/or depressing. It leads many to envision the Jewish State as a hotbed of controversy, hate and war. Sure, Israel has her problems, but we should never allow these problems, while serious, to be what defines her. Israeli technology, medical advancements and scholarship have made the world a better place. The landscape of Israel – from the Dead Sea to the mountains to the blossoming desert are breathtaking. Israeli music, art, and literature are as diverse as her people. Her food is delicious and her history is amazing. And, as Benji Lovitt points out by sharing the photo below in his list of things that he loves about Israel, how great is it that in Israel, you can can visit the Western Wall, our holiest site, in jeans – even if you are not Justin Timberlake!


And really, where else can you take the Kugel exit?

So, the next time you hear or read things about Israel that are unsettling, remember the Kugel exit – remember that as Israel begins her 68th year, she gives us much to smile about and be proud of.

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