These are incredibly trying times for Israel and the Jewish people. While I wish I could return to weekly messages that are uplifting and spiritual or that publicize exciting events coming up at Ramat Shalom, my thoughts are focused on Israel, the security of her citizens and the safety of Jews across the globe. I pray for peace, but realize that, at the same time, we need to talk about the war.

As you know, Israel is again forced to defend herself from Hamas which fires missiles into Israel and, as has now been exposed, digs tunnels into the Jewish State from which terrorists enter the land to slaughter Israelis. Hamas deliberately uses Palestinians as shields, launching attacks on Israel from crowded urban areas. Israel has no choice but to defend her people. The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) works extremely hard to avoid civilian casualties – but Hamas works extremely hard to put Palestinians, especially children, in the line of fire. Why? Because the images of these dead children horrifically helps Hamas demonize Israel, makes people who do not know the facts question Israel’s actions and, worse, encourages people to hate the Jewish State and the Jewish people. As we have watched across the globe, many people act on this hate. Anti-semitic violence in on the rise. And the propaganda war against Israel is encouraging people to shout “Hitler was right!” We – the Jewish people – need you to help us all stop this insanity. We all say – “Never Again!” Now, it is time to mean it. It is time for each of us to find a way to stand up for Israel and the Jewish people. Correct friends on social media. Challenge your co-worker who speaks poorly about Israel in the office. Sit your children down and teach them about the importance of Israel. And, most importantly, spend time educating yourself about the Jewish State. I know – I say this a lot and have been preaching this a great deal over the past few weeks. This is because we really need you to stand up now. This is serious and it is time for us – American Jews – to step outside of our comfort zones and speak out strongly in support of Israel, her people and Jews around the world who are in danger.

Here is some material to help:

Tomorrow night, there will be a protest against Israel in downtown Fort Lauderdale. There was a similar protest on July 20th in Miami. Please, watch some of the footage from July’s protest and see that right here in South Florida, openly on our streets, Hamas is seen as the hero and Israel is cursed.  The insanity, the lies and the hate are right here in our own neighborhoods! We can’t ignore this.

Today, you will probably hear about the Israeli attack on a school in Gaza. You will hear about the tremendous number of casualties in Gaza. You will hear Israel be accused of committing “war crimes” and “genocide”. Given this, I ask that you watch this clip from CBS featuring Israel’s Ambassador speaking out about claims Israel attacked a school last week AND this clip from FOX  of the Ambassador discussing yesterday’s attack.Also, as you see the video of UNWRA spokesperson, Chris Gunness crying in Gaza, please know that while it is heartbreaking that people in Gaza are being killed, just two weeks ago, Israel asked the UN to suspend Mr. Gunness because because of his blatant anti-Israel bias and support of Hamas.  Please, share this information.

Finally, I encourage you to read this article from the Times of Israel which asks: is the war with Hamas a “watershed moment” for Jews living outside of Israel? The article highlights how Jews across the globe, including South Florida, have been affected by the situation in Israel.

If you watched and read the material that I shared, I thank you! Now, please, share this information with others. I know this is not easy. But – “Never Again!” We are obligated to speak the truth and do our part to stop the insanity.

This is my last Friday night “off” for the summer. I look forward to getting back on the bimah next week and seeing many of you at services. I thank Mike Richmond and Jim Kraut for filling in for Cantor Debbie and me this evening.

May this truly be a Shabbat Shalom.

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