My apologies for not posting in a few weeks!  Been wonderfully busy with life at Ramat Shalom!!!

Passover begins Monday night. Cleaning the house, getting ready for the seder and eating as much bread as we can before the holiday begins makes the days that lead up to the holiday exhausting. For those who are not fans of matzah or those who take comfort in their daily breakfast routine which includes a bagel, Passover can be unsettling. While we are supposed to relive our ancestors’ suffering in Egypt, Passover is a festival – a joyful celebration of freedom and renewal. It is a holiday that encourages the involvement of our children (e.g. The Four Questions; The Afikomen). It is a holiday that should encourage families and friends to talk, sing and, yes, laugh around the seder table. Too often, we allow the preparation and some of the rituals of Passover to prevent us from experiencing the joy of freedom – the central theme of Passover.
On Sunday morning at 9:00, I will be teaching a short class for parents that will focus on how to make the seder entertaining and engaging. While the class is part of the 3rd grade family day, I invite all parents and grandparents to join us. Whether you can attend the class or not, I invite you to watch the video below which will get you laughing as it reminds us all that Passover is about telling our story to our children in a way that ensures it will be passed on to the next generation with love, joy and confidence. Consider showing this video at your seder!

Cheryl, Abigail and Jonah join me in wishing you all a Sweet Pesah! May it be filled with people you love, wonderful lessons and, most importantly, happiness!

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