Happy Chanukah!


Tomorrow night, we light our first candle.  I look forward to seeing many of you here at the synagogue tomorrow as we light both our 8′ tall Lego Chanukah menorah and our outdoor Chanukah menorah.


To help you celebrate this joyful holiday at home, I am attaching links to the blessings we say as we light the candles and a video of the blessings I made a few years ago.  Remember – we put the candles in the Chanukah menorah (called a Chanukiyah) from right to left (just like we read Hebrew).  So, tomorrow night – the first candle is placed on the far right of the menorah.  We light the candles from left the right – always lighting the newest candle added to the menorah first.


Please don’t stress too much about the technicalities – but do fill your house with light, laughter, friends and family!!!  Happy Chanukah!!!


Click HERE for a page containing the blessings


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