As we gather for Thanksgiving, it is so important that we keep Israel and her people in our prayers.  Please consider sharing these words with your family and friends as you count your blessings on Thursday.


Our God, who blessed our fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and our mothers Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, please bring peace, strength and comfort to the people of Israel.


Please, God, bless the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces and the leaders of Israel. Keep and rescue them from any enemy and trouble, and place your blessing upon all of their endeavors; hear their prayer and ours, and save them.


Send, please, your blessing upon the Israeli people.  Comfort the worried mothers and fathers, the families torn from their homes and the children too frightened to play. Please God enfold those living in bomb shelters in the sheltering wings of your protection. You, God, are our redeeming guardian.


We pray, God,  that the world open its eyes and ears to the truth and may this truth lead us all to an everlasting peace.


Please, God, remember Your covenant with our father Abraham. Truly, a sovereign, gracious and compassionate God are you! Spread over Israel your canopy of peace and fill the lives of our Israeli brothers and sisters with blessings.



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