As many of you know, I just returned from AIPAC’s (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) 2012 Policy Conference in Washington DC. I spent time with more than 13,000 pro-Israel supporters, listening to President Obama, Prime Minister Netanyahu and other dignitaries talk about a wicked Persian tyrant who is out to destroy the Jews. And, to be honest, I must tell you that I was disappointed, confused and a bit taken aback by what I heard.

Why, I kept asking myself, did I fly all the way up to the nation’s capital to hear these national and global leaders push Purim!? I know the story. Persian maniac tries to wipe the Jews off the face of the earth. There were 400 rabbis at AIPAC – you think we needed to hear this!? Come on!!!

Furthermore, the way Obama and Netanyahu spoke, it was as if they had no idea that Haman was destroyed by Mordechai and Esther! From the way they spoke, you’d think that they actually thought Haman was still alive and still a real danger. Hello!? Obama, Harvard graduate. Netanyahu, MIT graduate. I expect more from these intelligent men.

Maybe they should join us tonight as we read the story of Purim! Hey, maybe they will accept my invitation and join us!? It is Purim, ya never know!!! (A reminder not to take anything I do or say over the next 24 hours seriously – some of you never take me seriously, so this will be easy for you!)

What bothered me most of all was the chutzpah of our President and the Prime Minister to hijack AIPAC’s extremely important Policy Conference to shamelessly push Purim upon 13,000 pro-Israel supporters. I would NEVER do such a thing, especially since we have such huge problems facing Israel, including Iran and the global delegitimization campaign against the Jewish State.

This being said, we do need to put aside our worries as the sunsets tonight, put on our costumes, shake our groggers and raise our glasses! Because, Mordechai and Esther stopped Haman and we Jews are still here! And, you know what? We will continue to follow in the footsteps of Mordechai and Esther – doing whatever we need to do to stop evil and centuries from now, we Jews will still be here!

It is time to get in the mood for Purim people! Click here, crank it up and enjoy. Don’t be shy! Share with your kids and your co-workers.

Bring your kids at 6:15 tonight for our Kids’ Purim Celebration!
Adults (and teens), join us from 7:00PM-8:00PM for our PG-13 Purim Extravaganza (babysitting for K-5 free of charge), including our infamous Shpiel and our Rabbi, Cantor, Executive and Educational Directors in absurd costumes. If you are brave enough, come in costume yourself! And leave room for hamantaschen.


Rabbi Andrew Jacobs


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