This week, we read about the last three plagues to strike Egypt before our ancestors escaped the tyranny of Pharaoh. The ninth plague, was the plague of darkness.  “There was thick darkness over the entire land of Egypt for three days. No man could see his brother, nor could any person even rise from his place for three days.” (Exodus 10:22-22)

We are taught that the darkness was not simply the result of lack of light, but also the presence of a thick fog that got worse with time. When the plague of darkness fell upon Egypt, people could not see. Within a few days, we are taught that the darkness was so thick that they could not even move. However, in the Jewish homes, the Torah teaches us that “there was light”.

I believe that the darkness of the ninth plague still persists in our world today. So many people walk around incapable of seeing the incredible world around them, incapable of moving forward and reaching their dreams. This is why Ramat Shalom is so important. Our community emanates light. It cuts through the darkness and the fog and breathes life and energy into each of us. I am so proud of the work we do here and so grateful to each and every single one of you who supports us and makes it possible to keep the lights burning brightly.

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