Resigned!? Come on Hearst!? We Deserve More…

As you may have heard, Helen Thomas resigned today from Hearst Newspapers.  I spoke to Mr. Swartz’s office asking if Hearst was going to condemn the hateful and dangerous comments Ms. Thomas made.  I was told someone would call me back.  Still waiting…If another cultural, ethic, religious group was attacked in such a manner, my guess is there would be a lot more apologizing – and rightfully so.  Hearst, as a major media organization, owes it to the Jewish community to teach the world that Thomas’ comments were wrong.  If you feel that Hearst should do more, give Mr. Swartz’s office a call at 212-649-2000.  Connie is his assistant.  Please be polite.

If you haven’t seen this classic Thomas moment, check it out.

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