As you may have heard, the Reverend Pat Robertson stated that the horrific earthquake in Haiti last week was a result of the country’s pact with the devil.  Yup!  Check in out yourself here.  Absurd!  True…but, Robertson’s comments are based upon a fundamental concept in Torah: God sends natural disasters to punish the wicked.  The two videos below capture my sermon last Friday night in which I share what I believe to be God’s true role in Haitian crisis.

God and Haiti, Part 1

God and Haiti, Part 2


  1. My wife and I are so frustrated watching all the horrible news about Haiti recently. It is uncomfortable to watch and not be able to offer assistance. All that we can think of is to donate money to our favorite charitable organization so that we can at least give some help.

  2. We were watching Rachel Ray recently and one of the guests presented an incredibly cheap option to the drinking water dilemma found in Haiti at this time. There is a charitable organisation called that for $.50 a month provides fresh drinking water for a family of four. For those who have kids at your house, discuss it with them and come up with ways for them to assist at the very least just one household for a whole year.

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