Check out Rabbi Andrew’s sermon he gave on November 6th.

Do you focus on your faults?  Do you have many regrets?  Having trouble looking forward?



  1. Randy Mogen Reply

    Thank you for delivering your sermon via the internet. I miss hearing your sermons and am so glad I can view them on the web at 5 AM when I have a free minute and can’t sleep. I hope you will consider posting more and maybe even the High Holidays.
    This sermon hit home. A dear friend is always saying G-d is punishing her for things she has done in the past and I am constantly telling her that our G-d is not a punishing G-d. I am going to send her this blog and hope that she will listen to your sermon and be able to better cope with her inner conflict.
    Thanks Rabbi Jacob, for embracing technology and giving me some peace in my hectic day.

  2. George Farron Reply

    Rabbi Andrew:
    Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to listen to your sermons (study period) online. Also, with the chance to interchange ideas and opinions with you and the other listeners.

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