Here is a Jewish exorcism ritual I discovered on-line.

(T)o remove a demon from the body of a man or woman, or anything into which a male or female demon has entered…Take an empty flask and a white waxen candle and recite this adjuration in purity:

“I adjure you, the pure and holy angels Michael, Gabriel, Shuviel, Ahadriel, Zumtiel, Yechutriel, Zumtziel…by 72 (holy) names I adjure you, you all the retinues of [evil] spirits in the world – Be’ail Lachush and all your retinue; Kapkafuni the Queen of Demons and all your retinue; and Agrat bat Malkat and all your retinue, and Zmamit and all your retinue, and those that were made on the eve of the Shabbat (This refers to a rabbinic dictum (Avot 5:6) that demons were spawned on the twilight of the sixth day of creation) – that you bring forth that demon (possessing a body) immediately and do not detain the mazzik (destructive spirit) of the possessing demon, and tell me his (the demon’s) name in this circle (circles are important protection against demons and warlocks) that I have drawn in your honor”

Immediately they (the retinue of evil spirits) will tell you his (the demon’s) name and the name of the (demon’s) father and the name of his mother aloud (this teaches us that demons procreate; knowing the name of a spirit is critical to gaining power over it – Testa. Of Solomon); do not fear.

Recite this adjuration in such a way:

I adjure you the demon (say the demon’s name), by the utterance of the watchers and the holy ones by God of the Heavens, with these names I adjure you the demon (say the demon’s name), son of (say the parents’ names), that you now enter this flask immediately and immediately the flask will turn red (bottling up the spirit was commonplace and also appears in Islamic exorcism rituals – the inspiration for “I Dream of Jeanie”). Immediately say to him (the demon)…five (holy) names (of God)….That demon will immediately cry a great and bitter cry from the great pressure; do not believe him until he swears by God explicitly. Then leave him alone and pay him no further heed.

Text taken from Shoshan Yesod ha-Olam, 16th century medieval magical Hebrew text compiled by Rabbi Joseph Tirshom, a kabbalist from Salonika.  The text above was translated from the Hebrew by Israeli scholar Jeffrey Chajes, with clarification provided by me, and can be found in his book, Between Worlds.


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