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Why is there a Goat in the Sanctuary? Learn why below!

I am still processing some of the decisions that were made in Washington yesterday. I do plan to respond, particularly to the Executive Order that gives religious institutions more freedom to get involved in politics. I am putting together a post that I will share on my blog soon.

 My sabbatical year has been a blessing. I am so grateful that the Ramat Shalom community has supported me as I’ve spent the past year learning with some incredible Jewish scholars and exploring innovative ways to make Judaism even more relevant, more meaningful and more transformative. For the past several months, I’ve been sharing a lot of what I’ve learned this year with the professional and lay leadership team at Ramat Shalom. Next year’s programs, services and events will reflect a lot of what I am taking away from my sabbatical year. I wanted to take this opportunity to share just a few highlights of the Ramat Shalom 2017-2018 year that you will learn more about in the near future – some of the things you will see below will look familiar, some are new and some are returning with new, exciting touches.

Here’s just some of the opportunities we can look forward to! 

A Man Called Ove: A Pre-High Holiday Book Club led by Rabbi Andrew

 Rosh Chodesh and the return of Ramat Shalom’s Sisterhood

 “Why is there a Goat in the Sanctuary” and lots of other new family education programs led by Rabbi Andrew, Cantor Debbie and Ms. Beth

 Erev Rosh HaShanah Dinner in the Park – a great opportunity for families with young children to welcome the new year

 Pre-Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebrations at Rabbi Andrew and Cantor Debbie’s homes

 Kiddush Levanah – a new spiritual men’s group

 Teen Social Action Trip to New Orleans

 A spiritually uplifting High Holiday experience

 The Havurah Adventure – a new way for all of us – adults and kids – to connect with each other

 Sipping in the Sukkah: Etrog Martinis and Cantor Debbie’s Music

 Adult Learning Retreat

 Special Mitzvah Projects for folks of all ages

 Rabbi’s Study Group: The New Testament from a Jewish Perspective 

Shabbat Morning Torah Study and many other Adult Education offerings

And so much more!

 I look forward to sharing more exciting opportunities with you that will be part of the 2017-2018 year!

Shabbat Shalom,


Rabbi Andrew Jacobs


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