A year defaced by anti-Semitism, hatred, bigotry and fear of the other,
A year marred by violence in our schools, our synagogues and other places we gather together,
A year battered by terrible storms and natural disasters,
A year sullied by abuse, perversion, lies and corruption,
A year focused on borders and walls and boundaries that seem to just push us farther and farther apart,
A year filled with shouting and blaming and leaving the big problems unresolved,
A year shattered by illness, pain and loss,
But despite all of this, a year filled with the sweetness of life, growth, healing, love, success, celebrations, community and so much more.
With all the negativity, it’s hard to appreciate all the sweetness, all the goodness,
And so, we wish each other a Shanah Tovah, a good year or a Shanah Tovah U’metukah, a good and sweet year.
Giving thanks for the goodness and sweetness of 5779 and the goodness and sweetness we hope will be part of 5780.
Goodness and sweetness are still out there,
And as one year ends and a new one begins, our tradition reminds us that now is the time to celebrate this goodness, this sweetness.
We need to celebrate.
We need to wish each other a Shanah Tovah U’metukah.
We deserve the goodness and the sweetness.

My family and I wish each of you a Shanah Tovah U’metukah – a good and sweet new year!

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