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Some are saying that the American dream is dead. About one-half of millennials believe this to be the case. Some of the presidential candidates talk about it a lot as they speak to a nation that is, in general, feeling very pessimistic about the future. But, I refuse to give in to all the negativity. I believe that the American dream, an ideal that is an intrinsic part of our country, is still very much alive. And, I believe that we need to make certain to celebrate the American dream next week, on February 1st, a day that President Truman proclaimed to be National Freedom Day.

National Freedom Day is not an official holiday. It’s simply referred to as an observance. While some cities have a special ceremony to mark the day, it hasn’t become a well-established American tradition. This is unfortunate because National Freedom Day commemorates the essence of the American dream.

It was on February 1, 1865, that President Lincoln signed a joint congressional resolution proposing the 13th Amendment to the Constitution that, once ratified, would abolish slavery throughout the United States.

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