securedownloadAs our nation is embroiled in a civil rights struggle, Israel too finds herself in the midst of her own civil rights battle. This battle centers around attempts by Israeli leaders to pass legislation that will formally establish the status of Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people. Shockingly, there is no Israeli law that does this. The challenge that those behind this legislation face is how Israel legally both becomes a Jewish State and guarantees equality to non-Jewish citizens.

In the same way that the facts surrounding the current civil rights conflict here in America have been difficult to discern, so too has it been challenging to get a grasp of the struggle going on in Israel which has led to Prime Minister Netanyahu to break up his coalition and call for early elections.

It is so important for us all to get the facts about what is going on in the US and in Israel. I found this article to be extremely helpful navigating the situation in Israel.  I encourage you to read it and ask yourself how Israel can formalize her Jewish identity and uphold Jewish values while insuring that all citizens, regardless of religion, are treated equally. It is a tremendous challenge. This being said, as we get ready for Chanukah, the holiday that celebrates the determination and the strength of the Maccabees, we must believe that Israel and America have the ability to overcome tremendous challenges while maintaining democratic principals.

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