This Shabbat we read the story of Mt. Sinai – the great moment of revelation when Gd speaks to Moses and the Jewish people, teaching them the Ten Commandments.  We are taught that, to this day, Gd’s voice continues to issue forth from Mt. Sinai – calling upon us all to live up to our highest potential.


Does anyone hear Gd’s voice today as it resonates from Mount Sinai?

Given that archeologists are not certain where Mount Sinai is, it is pretty clear that no one hears the Voice.  And, if you claim to hear the voice, many will accuse you of being crazy.


Despite this, it is so important to point out that the great Baal Shem Tov, a mystical rabbi who lived during the 18th century, insists that we all hear the voice and when we do, we are not crazy.  The Baal Shem Tov teaches that every time that an unexpected thought, idea or impulse just pops into our head, a thought, idea or impulse that leads us in a positive direction, inspires us -we have heard the voice of Gd calling from Mount Sinai.


What the Baal Shem Tov refers to as God’s voice, some might call our creativity or our conscience.  But to assume that the thoughts, ideas and impulses that have the ability to change our lives originate from within us is arrogant.  This world is filled with tremendous wisdom, much of it being grounded in Torah and the story told at Mount Sinai.  At times, we are lucky enough to be engaged by this wisdom.  The wisdom ignites something within us and changes us.  It is at these moments, when we come in contact with wisdom that we have the ability to hear voice of Gd – the source of all wisdom, speaking to us, teaching us, changing us.


May you find the time to listen for the voice of Gd.


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