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My wife and kids making matzah on Periscope

Passover is a week away!

I was happy to hear such great feedback about the Fill In The Blanks Haggadah I sent out last week. This week, my wife, Rabbi Cheryl Jacobs, and I want to share with you our short, simple Passover video series that we are calling Passover 101. We started the series Sunday evening. Each night, from our kitchen, we share a little tidbit or teaching about Passover online via Periscope, a livestreaming service based on Twitter. You don’t need Twitter to watch the videos. We usually stream live around 8:00PM from @spiritualish on Twitter, but we record and post the videos HERE so you can watch when you can. We’ve encouraged folks to ask questions and get involved in the discussion – and they have! We’ll be posting videos through next Thursday evening. We invite you to join us for this fun, online adventure that we hope gives you some new insight into the Haggadah, the Seder and the overall Passover experience. Tonight, at services, I will be sharing and streaming the next episode of Passover 101. I hope you will join us, either in person or online!

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